Mailing and visiting address
Attn: ICOS Sweden coordination office
Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science
Lund University
Sölvegatan 12
S-223 62 Lund

Please contact one of the following persons if you have any ideas, questions or suggestions for ICOS Sweden. Thanks!

Coordinating director
or contact directly:
Dr Maj-Lena Linderson, phone: +46-(0)46-222 84 07

Science director
or contact directly:
Prof. Janne Rinne, phone: +46-(0)46-222 40 19

Data requests
If you like to use any data from the ICOS Sweden network please contact:
Dr Jutta Holst, data.officer@icos-sweden.se, phone: +46-(0)46-222 40 39

Project application
If you think that our station network is interesting for your research, for a visit, etc. do not hesitate to fill in our web form.
For questions please contact:
Dr Maj-Lena Linderson, contact-sweden@lists.icos-ri.eu, phone: +46-(0)46-222 84 07

For any questions and suggestions please contact:
Dr Irene Lehner, webmaster@icos-sweden.se