The Degerö mire has a long history of scientific research. Scientific investigations started in 1909, and the first PhD thesis "A study of botanical, hydrological and mire development at a mire complex in Northern Sweden" was published by Carl Malmströ in 1923.

More recent research on mire biogeochemistry and biosphere-atmosphere exchange processes started 1995. It is a nutrient poor minerogenic mire, i.e. a fen, representing much of the mire areas in the boreal region.

The site hosts an ICOS ecosystem station which is in operation since 2013.

Degerö Stormyr (64°11′N, 19°33′E, 270 m asl) is located in the Kulbäcksliden Experimental Forest near Vindeln in the county of Västerbotten, Sweden.

The mire covers an area of 6.5 km2 and is situated on a highland between two major rivers, Umeälven and Vindelälven, ca 70 km from the Gulf of Bothnia.

Degerö is located in the Svartberget Experimental Forests. It is run by the Swedish Agricultural University SLU and the station principal investigator is Mats Nilsson.

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