The Svartberget site is located in the Svartberget Experimental Forest. The experimental forest covers 1076 ha of boreal forest land and governs a manifold of research activities since 1923. A reference monitoring program of climate and water is active since 1980.

The site was established for ICOS Sweden in 2011 and hosts a combined ecosystem and atmospheric station.

Data download
Data from Svartberget can be downloaded from the ICOS Carbon Portal.
ICOS Level2 data from the Atmosphere Station (GHG concentrations, air temperature, wind). ICOS Level2 data from the Ecosystem Station (flux data, meteorological data, soil meteorological variables, ancillary data)

The Svartberget site (64°15′N, 19°46′E, 270 m asl) is located about 60 km west of Umeå.

The site is run by the Swedish Agricultural University SLU. The station principal investigator for the atmospheric part is Paul Smith, for the ecosystem part Matthias Peichl is responsible.

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