The site was established in 1994 and is operated today by Lund University with station PI Meelis Mölder. The site has been used for studies of exchanges of greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4), energy and water using micrometeorological methods (eddy covariance and gradient).

Within ICOS is Norunda a combined atmosphere and ecosystem station.

Data download
Data from Norunda can be downloaded from the ICOS Carbon Portal.
ICOS Level2 data from the Atmosphere Station (GHG concentrations, air temperature, wind). ICOS Level2 data from the Ecosystem Station (flux data, meteorological data, soil meteorological variables, ancillary data)

The Norunda research station (60°05′N, 17°29′E, 46 m asl) is located about 30 km north of Uppsala, i.e., in the southern part of the boreal forest zone. The area is flat with small-scale variations in altitude (up to 10 m).

Clear cut in 2021
Beginning in 2021/2 the area ca 300 m around the main tower will be turned into a clear cut as the trees reached the age of harvesting long time ago. This gives a rather unique research opportunity in many aspects. We will carry on with our measurements but we would also like to invite other researchers to join us and carry out their own measurements during this interesting transition period. Norunda - Clear-cut time line Time-line and area of the planned clear-cut. The orange dot indicates the main tower. Click to enlarge.

The Norunda team (from left to right): research engineer Irene Lehner, station principal investigator Meelis Mölder, and research engineer Anders Båth.

You are welcome!
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