The Östergarnsholm site has been running semi-continuously since 1995 with the aim to study the marine atmospheric boundary layer.

Within ICOS Östergarnsholm will become a combined ecosystem and oceanic station.

The measurement site Östergarnsholm (57°26′N, 18°59′E) is located 4 km from the eastern coast of Gotland.

Östergarnsholm is a small, flat island which stretches about 2 km in the W-E and N-S direction respectively. The southern part is very flat and rises only a few meters above sea surface.

The site is operated today by Uppsala University by the group of Anna Rutgersson who is as well the station principal investigator for the ICOS measurements.

Station principal investigator Anna Rutgersson. Research engineer Leonie Esters.

Research engineer Erik Nilsson.

Anna Rutgersson

Leonie Esters

Erik Nilsson

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