Hyltemossa - view from bottom of the tower upwards View from bottom of the tower upwards in Hyltemossa. Click to enlarge.

The site Hyltemossa was established in 2014 in a 30 year old managed spruce forest in southern Sweden.

The site hosts a combined atmosphere and ecosystem station.

Data download
Data from Hyltemossa can be downloaded from the ICOS Carbon Portal.
ICOS Level2 data from the Atmosphere Station (GHG concentrations, air temperature, wind). ICOS Level2 data from the Ecosystem Station (flux data, meteorological data, soil meteorological variables, ancillary data)

Hyltemossa is located a few kilometers south of Perstorp, in northwestern Skåne ( 56°06′N, 13°25′E, 115 m asl).

The site is run by station PI Michal Heliasz at Lund University.

Station principal investigator Michal Heliasz. Research engineer Tobias Biermann.
Michal Heliasz

Tobias Biermann

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