M/S Tavastland, Ship of Opportunity M/S Tavastland, Ship of Opportunity Click to enlarge.

  • Route: Lübeck-Oulu-Kemi-Lübeck
  • SPI: Anna Willstrand Wranne (Anna.Wranne@smhi.se)
  • Hosted by: SMHI
  • Data download: Since M/S Tavastland is new within ICOS Sweden, there is no data for download available yet.
M/S Tavastland transports mainly paper from Paper Mills near Kemi, in the very north of Finland, to Lubeck in Germany. This route back and forth takes about a week. In 2009, a ferrybox was installed on the vessel. A ferrybox system consist of a water intake, a pump, a number of sensor and an outlet. The ferrybox measures salinity, temperature, oxygen, chlorophyll fluorescence, turbidity, phycocyanin fluorescence and CDOM-fluorescence. During 2010 a pCO2 system from General Oceanic was purchased and installed next to the ferrybox.