Mycklemossen - station Mycklemossen mire site Click to enlarge.

  • Coordinates: LON: 58.35N, LAT: 12.17E
  • Elevation: 81 m
  • Köppen climate classification: marine west-coast (Cfb)
  • Biome: hemi-boreal
  • Dominating species: mosses: Sphagnum rebellum L., Sphagnum fallax L., Sphagnum austinii L.
  • Co-location with other RIs: SITES
  • SPI: Dr Per Weslien
  • Hosted by: University of Gothenburg
  • Data download: since SE-Myc will apply as ICOS station during 2019, there is no data for download available yet.
Mycklemossen (SE-Myc, candidat Class 2 Ecosystem Station) is located in the Skogaryd catchment in south-west Sweden. The vegetation is fairly homogenous across the mire which is made up of a mosaic of drier hummocks and wetter hollows. The hummocks are dominated by hare's-tail cottongrass and dwarf shrubs such as heather/cross-leaved heather and occasionally some pine trees as ′shrubs′ (old and small), whereas the hollows are characterized by different Sphagnum species, mainly S. rubellum, S. fallax and S. austinii, and sedges.

Towards the centre of the mire, conditions are drier and the vegetation is more forest-like, with a sparse small pine trees layer and more dwarf shrubs such as bog bilberry, blueberry and lingonberry.

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